Spitfire Trailers Easy Loader





The 'Spitfire Easy Loader' is an accessory attachment that can be added to almost any brand of boat trailer.


Most boat trailers, described as 'easy loader trailers' have a 'U' shaped rear cross member which allows the boat to be driven on to the trailer with minimum risk of damage to the bow of the boat.


However the rear cross member is the section of the trailer that endures the most stress both when launching from or when loading the boat on the trailer.


It is also the most important structural cross member locking the chassis rails in a rigid state and carrying ' bounce' stress resulting from the weight of the outboard motor, batteries and fuel when driving over rough roads or even speed bumps.


At Spitfire we place a lot of effort into ensuring the structural strength of our boat trailers is not compromised and as such we can offer both an Easy Loader system and at the same time maintain a rigid straight rear crossmember.


The Spitfire Easy loader is manufactured from Stainless Steel, available in different lenghts and provides excellent protection when driving your boat onto the trailer.


The Easy Loaders shown on images in on this web site are not standard equipment. Please enquire at your local Spitfire Distributor for availability.


Our product designs and inclusions are ongoing and may have changed from the images and information provided within this site.  Please confirm model specifications with your local Manufacturer prior to any purchase.