Enter the world of Spitfire





Designed for Life... Built for Life






3D Imagery Designs & Certified to Australian Standards




Each Spitfire trailer chassis and draw bar begins with a design, approved by an Independent Australian Vehicle Engineer to exceed the stated ATM  by a minimum Factor 3 and in most cases Factor 5.


Designs are made in 3D imagery. This allows all parts and moving components to be checked for correct fit and free travel.



Aluminium Extrusion for Spitfire Trailer Chassis


Production begins "In House" from massive billets of aluminium. The correct die is installed into the extrusion machine... in this case an I-Beam  die.




The metal flows....  and a Spitfire I - Beam is formed.



Marine /Aircraft Grade 

6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy


  1. High strength 
  2. Light weight
  3. Heat-treatable, and is easy to weld, cut, 

form and machine. 







The same process applies to Spitfire Cross members and Draw Bars. All are formed 'in house' and 'worked on' while the metal is in it's 'soft mill finish' state.




Let us explain why this term ...'worked on' .... is so very important.


Aluminium needs to go through several processes to be finally ready for it's intended use. These are generally extrusion, brushing or sand blasting, hardening and anodising.


Many aluminium trailers are made from mill finish aluminium.


The correct process of bending before hardening results in a natural shape allowing the crystallized structure of the metal to retain it's memory resulting in a metal that is almost as strong, or in some cases stronger than mild steel.


Anodising, apart from protecting the look, resale value and life of the trailer provides a protection against galvanic reaction and so anodising after fabrication protects the inside of any holes and even the welds.




High Precision Fabrication


Bending - Drilling - Punching - Welding



Bending, drilling, welding or punching are performed while the metal is in it's 'raw mill finish' state.





Hardening & Anodising after Fabrication


In order to maintain maximum structural integretity of the metal, the parts are then hardened and anodised after fabrication. This process ensures that the anodised protection is total. Hardening the metal after bending and welding ensures maximum strength.



The quality of the anodised finish is truly beautiful to see, touch and feel... and will give lasting protection against corrosion and certainly retain resale value.





Quality Control


Quality Control checks are ongoing and range from checking metal hardness, anodise thickness to salt water corrosion resistance. 


QC Metal Hardeness                            QC  Anodise Thickness                       Corrossion Resistance Test


The Industry standard for commercial anodising is 8 microns and Spitfire Trailers usually give a reading of between 10 to 17. 







 72 Testing Hours = 6 Years of Regular Use 


One hour in this pressure chamber is equal to one month in a natural environment... so a 72 hour heated salt pressure test is equivalent to  6 years of use in a natural environment.










Identify Inferior Quality  =  Maintain Higher Quality


Component samples, including those purchased outside are continually tested in a Salt Water Pressure Chamber where salt water is heated to 45 degrees Celsius and sprayed under pressure for 72 hours to identify inferior quality and maintian higher quality of outsourcing. 






Now assembly can begin.









The Spitfire Design Team and management have one clear direction.. and that is to Design for life and Build for life.


Certification of the chassis and draw bars is only part of this objective. From the coupling to the tail lights,  we at Spitfire Aluminium Trailers strive to acquire the highest quality outsourced components for all our Trailers.


In all cases all parts, be they tyres, rims or lights  comply with relevant government acts or legislation.




'AL-KO'  Certified Unbraked  and Braked Override Couplings



Couplings, be it an unbraked 'AL-KO' coupling which we use on our unbraked trailers or a cast override coupling on our braked trailers you will always see it clearly stamped in accordance with the regulations.







Decromat Hand Winch 


Spitfire Winches are made from Cast gears and  are Deromet finished.


Sizes are available from 300kg, 700kg and 1000kg or per customer's requirements. 











 Every draw bar, Aluminium or Stainless  is certified by an Australian Engineer.



What is a factor of 5 X... ?


Under the Act and regulations of VSB 1 and it's Amendments, a  Chassis must resist stresses 3 times the ATM.


Meaning a trailer with an ATM of 2,000kg can actually withstand the stress of  6,000kg. This is the requirement for on road use.


Most of the Spitfire Range of Models are or can be built to Factor 5X.




All Spitfire Marine Trailers are Designed and Certified by Australian Vehicle Engineers.





But, no matter if you are looking at a small  unbraked trailer or a heavy duty braked model,  you don't need an Engineers Certificate to see and appreciate the dedication and commitment to Spitfire quality.




Spitfire Brake System = Safety & Reliability




Long gone are spring suspensions and mechanical cable brakes.


Spitfire's standard accessories include a Hydraulic brake system and Torsion Axles for the safest, Smoothest ride and long term reliability






ABS Mudguards & Aluminum Rims



Mudguards are made from ABS for long lasting crack resistant service.


Rims are naturally Aluminium Alloy for higher standard and better corrosion resistance.









 Spitfire Special Design - Easy Loader System


Spitfire Easy Loader offers the strongest chassis with an easy loader system;


Innovation and a determination to not compromise strength by following industry standards, have seen Spitfire develop a simple Easy Loader which still offers the benefits of drive on loading of a boat, yet also retains a straight and fixed rear cross member giving maximum chassis strength and stability.


Spitfire Easy loaders are also offered as an after market accessory to all trailer owners no mater what make or brand and are available in all trailer sizes.


They are easily fitted to all boat trailers and can be acquired from any Spitfire authorised outlet.





 Multifuntional LED Tail Lights 


Tail lights are important to be reliable to protect you valuable cargo but also need to be practical.


Each Spitfire Trailer is fitted with twin tail lights, which include twin down lights.... down lights allow you to see the road around your vehicle in your side mirrors while driving, invaluable to the experienced driver.


In addition Spitfire management and designers are experienced in boating..... we know how difficult it can be to back your boat and trailer into your parking spot after a long day on the water...so Spitfire tail lights are designed with twin powerful reversing lights.






Spitfire Aluminium Trailer = Your Best Choice


Why Aluminium.... Why Spitfire... Why priced similar to galvanised steel trailers ?




When you compare a Spitfire Trailer against an industry standard galvanised steel trailer you will find the price is similar without even considering that Spitfire include Torsion Axle, Hydraulic brakes, Vented Disks, Alloy Wheels, etc....... as Standard Equipment and  in most cases, also include a walk way.


Considering the benefits of aluminium's rust resistance, longer life, higher resale value  and less weight... you may well find that when using a Spitfire Aluminium Trailer you are below the limit for a catagory of a mandatory braking system and in fact it is cheaper to buy a Spitfire trailer than a heavier steel trailer with the required brakes for your combined boat trailer weight... not to mention the saving in fuel.



Resale Value;


Most trailer boats outlast their steel trailer by 3 lifetimes and yet, the trailer is certainly an important part of your boat, motor / engine package, not only for offering you reliability when travelling but also for maintaining resale value.


Spitfire anodised aluminium trailers are the most stylish, strongest, durable in the market place.



* 35 years manufacturing experience


* Everything is done in house


* No metal agents 


* No outsourcing 


* All production is from billet to trailer in the same factory with all.... 'in house' manufacturing.


* Spitfire Trailers are a joint partnership and the product of several decades of manufacturing experience,  manufactured entirely in house under 75,000 sqm of factory, with a present production capacity of 30,000 trailers per year.



In Conclusion;


Experience is the father of efficiency... and everybody with experience, knows that experience does not come cheap.


Yet experience is the wonderful quality that co-ordinated and facilitated the Spitfire story.